Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never A Dull Moment & A Thrifting I Will Go

Hello everyone! I have missed you! The title of my post says it all....Never a dull moment at our house! Our four year old Alex broke his arm. Let's just say...Alex + Exercise Ball = Broken Arm. Him and his big brother were both trying to jump onto the ball....or maybe one of them was already on the ball...the details are still sketchy....anyway.. they both went flying off..and Alex tried to brace his fall with a stiff arm. He ended up with a fracture near the elbow. He is a trooper and quite the tough little guy. The doctor ordered a full arm cast....and it isn't slowing him down one bit. I stopped saying "Alex slow down" because it just wasn't doing any good!

He will have the cast off before the 4th of July so that is good news...but that sure sounds like a long ways off. Especially when we have to keep telling him..."don't get it wet"...and then we are wrapping it in a garbage bag for every bath. Woe is me...boys....will be boys!!

I have had no time to blog..and boy do I miss it! I miss all of my blog friends and I miss reading all of the sweet comments that you leave me! I was looking at my pictures...and trying to decide~what have I shared and what have I not. And then I thought it's been so long...I think I have been thrifting a few times since my last post... So I will be sharing some of my new found old treasures.....and also some wonderful family treasures that I got from my parents when I went back to my hometown to visit! Keep in mind I haven't posted in a I have quite a few goodies to share~

Let's start with a couple of weekends ago. My Mom and I got away together for a sneak downtown to a couple of antique shops. I saw lots of goodies I liked....but I picked a few favorite things. We had a great time!

Then when we got back Mom and I went hunting down some family treasures around the house! I am SO excited to have these items! The Chinese Checkerboard was my Grandmas....we used to play it whenever we went to her house! I am so glad to have brings back wonderful memories. The berry baskets are also family treasures...they are very used and I love that!! The table was one that my Mom had started refinishing years ago..and just never got it now I get to finish it up! I can't wait! And the spools...well... I just love them all! Thanks Mom and Dad...I will find special places for everything!

Here are my thrifty finds from last weekend! My sweet husband drove me around to different thrift stores and we found a new antique store too! Yay! I am on the hunt for more end tables to re-do for the basement..haven't found any yet. I think garage sales may be my best bet for those. But in looking for end tables I did find these goodies!

This little old chair! I love it....It was way up high on a shelf and I asked the guy how much it was....he pulled it down and he said "It's $10"....and I looked the chair over for literally two seconds and he said "will you take it for $7"? And I said heck ya...In my head I was saying I would have taken it for $10!! Haha! For right now I haven't painted it...and I can't decide if I should or not... Isn't it cute?

Here are the rest of my finds for that day! Don't you worry...that clock will be getting a makeover....It was only $2.98....the unfinished spoon rack in the back was $1.98. The long peg shelf was also a whopping $2.98....I think I spent a total of $25 this day..including the little old chair!

I am just itching to do these makeovers...because I have plans for everything in these pictures!! There are just not enough hours in the day right now! I am sure you can all relate! For me doing makeovers is I am hoping to do some this weekend!

Oh is my last thrifty trip....I sort of got lost on the way to the grocery store one day this week..Oops! :) The bench seat is a funny story...when my Mom and I were at the antique store we saw one JUST like it...refinished for $30! I didn't buy it....well lo and behold I walked into Goodwill and there was the same bench seat for $9.99!! Now I can refinish it and choose my own fabric..! Another little chair for $5.00...the picnic basket is HUGE and in great shape...and a set of three wooden stack boxes... The little wooden going to get a makeover too!

So I guess I should say...stay tuned for makeovers! I better get busy!! I hope you are all doing well! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Wow, what wonderful prim stuff!!! You certainly have been busy, you know with having three boys I never had a broken bone with any of them which to me is really something and they were active in sports")

    I can't wait to see what you do with the little chair...I have one just like it only I painted mine black but with all the redecorating around here I think it needs a redo:)Wonderful finds Sarah!

  2. Sarah ~ Poor Alex, what a way to start the summer but at least the 4th isn't that far off. Can't wait to see what you do with all of the wonderful goodies you found. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, did you hit the jackpot on finding goodies. They are all so neat. I can't wait to see them all redone.
    Alex's smile is so cute. He seems to be wearing that cast as a badge of honor!! Hang in there with the garbage bags--July 4 isn't too far away.

  4. You better get busy, girl!! You've got ALOT of makeovers to do! LOL You sure found some great goodies! Looking forward to seeing pics when they're done!

    Take care,

  5. Sarah, Great to see your post! I missed you. Sorry about your son's arm. My son did the same thing this past year. He didn't have a full cast though. Can't wait to see your makeovers!


  6. I am so sorry for your kid. Be careful with the water.... it causes severe rash under the cast. My nephew had one, and it was changed almost four times for that reason. You are so lucky girl, your findings and gifts are really awesome and the crocks are amazing.

  7. Awww...Ihope your son's arm heals and gets better soon. My grandson broke his arm last summer, and it never slowed him down for a minute...:)
    LOVE all your great finds...that bench though is my favorite. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all your new treasures!

  8. Sorry to hear about your son and his arm. Hopefully he is feeling better!

    The only good thing about you not being on here that frequently is that you come back and WHAM - hit us with all of these great and wonderful finds!! The items from your Mom and Dad are wonderful and there is nothing better then family heirlooms... love them! Your TS finds are amazing - Can't wait to see some of your make-overs. Thanks for sharing and take care. I have missed ya : )


  9. Sorry to hear about your son. I remember when my son broke his collar bone. My mom said it was one of the joys of motherhood having to deal with broken bones. I don't know about you but I could of just skipped it.

    Was nice to see you post. Congratulations on all of the great TS finds!

    Take Care,

  10. wow! You hit the jackpot! We must have the same taste because I would've bought the same stuff. Have fun with your redoing.

    My son broke his arm last year from a skateboard mishap. Luckily we got the waterproof cast for $20.00 more. They heal quickly. Have a great one, Kim

  11. Awh, poor guy! Something about 'boys' tho....not surprising to see 'em in a cast :) Glad it wasn't worse, and the 4th will be here soon!!
    Love all your goodies. You always do find the neatest things-and re-do them even neater!!

    Have a great weekend, Sarah.


  12. What a cutie Alex is...your right, boys will be boys..bless them all. Love all your goodies, you are just the best at finding bargins...most dont even need to be touched.
    Will tune back in to see the ones you "re-do".
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  13. I hope your little man will be ok. I didn't have boys but I hear they are always going full speed.

    I love all your new goodies especially the family treasures. I can't wait to see what you do with that little chair it's too cute. I'm glad your back you were missed.


  14. Oh dear - a broken arm in summer - no fun! And yes, boys will be boys! My Jay broke his hand at the same time of year. I hope once the cast is off, Alex is good as new.

    LOTS of wonderful thrift goodies there. Looking forward to seeing them in their new homes and all made over.

    hugs, Linda

  15. Hi Sarah....So sorry to hear about your little guy breaking his arm...That's little boys got to love them....Love all your changes to your kitchen....looks amazing....You got some great buys when out thrifting...can't wait to see how you makeover them....Have a great weekend.
    Prim Hugs,

  16. Sarah, Hope your sons arm heals quickly. He's just so cute sitting there. I love all your great finds. Have fun with them.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. I am so sorry to hear about the broken arm! How horrible to have to wear one during the hot summer months!
    I hope he has a speedy recovery!
    You finds are so awesome...I drooled over each and every piece! I shouldn't have enlarged them!
    Have a great weekend and I am looking forward to seeing all of them redone!

  18. WONDERFUL goodies!
    You seem to have an eye to find all the good stuff and what wonderful gifts you received as well.

    So sorry your little one broke his arm but I think kids think it's a badge of honor when they get hurt and have stitches or casts...they are soooo proud to show it off.


  19. Great finds! I love the spools and chair!! Would look fab painted, maybe just the legs in duck-egg blue or something :-)


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