Monday, June 15, 2009

Had Time For A Makeover

Hello everyone! I am sitting here listening to it thunder and rain! I LOVE IT! It's just a nice rain with a little lightning mixed in. We are all home and cozy inside. So let Mother Nature do her "thing"! Everything will be even more green and beautiful tomorrow.....

I thought I would share a makeover that I had time to do over the weekend. I showed this little seated bench in a previous post. I got it at Goodwill for $9.99. I went and bought some new fabric for it....which cost me all of about $2.00. I just LOVE making something out of practically nothing!

Here is the before picture~

Here is the After picture~

Here is a close up of the new fabric. I just love it...It looks old, tea stained and "vintage". It has tiny dotted black and sage green swirls on it~

And here is where I set our master bedroom~

I would like to find a little garden themed pillow to sit on it. I just haven't found the perfect one yet. And the back isn't very tall so I don't want one that is so big it covers the back of the chair up. I will keep looking. Or if any of you have any other ideas...I welcome them!

I also wanted to share this wonderful primitive shaker candle ledge and peg rack that I purchased from Palmer Falls Primitive If you haven't ever visited their website make sure you check them out. They have so many amazing prim items~Each piece is made to order. I definitely have my eye on some other things.

Here are my Summer blocks that I purchased from Kindra. I asked her if she would make me a spare block to use when I didn't have my Americana decor out. So she did and I couldn't be happier!

Here they are Americana style~

And here they are with the Penny Flower block~

And surprise surprise...I changed the shelf above my deck doors again... Kindra's blocks inspired me to put a little Americana in my kitchen~

Here is one area above my kitchen cabinets~

And here is my kitchen table. I was going to tuck a flag in here too but I didn't want to get too "flag happy". :)

Well that is about it for tonight. I am hoping to get some more makeovers done this week. I have the ambition....... there just isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to. I hope you all have a great week. Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Just love your makeovers. And LOVE that chair! It's so unusual looking...I love "unusual". Love how you finished it. Can't wait to see more makeovers! ~~Annie

  2. Everything looks beautiful as usual, Sarah! Love the makeover you've done to the chair! Where did you buy your fabric?

    Take care,

  3. Sarah,
    Love your header & your chair makeover. Love Kindra's blocks, too. I'm going to have to get ahold of her and order some. Your beeskep is really cool ~ did you make it? Have a great week.

  4. Sarah,

    As I have always said... your home always looks so comfy and cozy and the way you decorate it is impecable. Everything always looks so beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful week!!

    ~ Lisa

  5. Everything is great!!! I love how you decor. Really, you have an amazing eye for decoration. Awesome pic's...

  6. Oh Sarah! I love that peg rack and candle shelf! I have been wanting one of those for such a long time!
    Your home always looks so nice. I love Kindra's blocks. I have a few sets myself that I just love...she does a fantastic job!

  7. Sarah,

    Great job on the chair. You'll find the perfect pillow for it, I'm sure. I love the Americana touches, naturally. The blocks from Kindra are really cute.


  8. Sarah, your bench turned out fabulous. I have one in my bedroom that I need to redo, thanks for the inspiration! Love the candle ledge peg rack...I am off to check out their site. Thanks for the link!

  9. Hi Sarah. What a great blog you have, not to mention such a warm and cozy home. Your warm red walls have given me ideas! The fabric on the chair is so nice - it looks great.
    Best wishes, Christine

  10. What a great little bench!! LOVE IT!!And all the other decor of course!!

    See you over at APP!!

    hugs, Linda

  11. Your displays are all so appealing. I love the deep, warm colors in your home and you thrift store bench turned out great! Thanks for sharing all the photos ~ I especially love your header photo!

  12. Sarah, I love all your twicking you have done, I'm loving the display above your cabniets. Is that an old shutter above? Looks great, I always look forward to your post!

  13. I love your makeover! I once did two chairs (one didn't have a seat) but I couldn't pass up the deal--both chairs for $12. I don't know what they are called, but the each have a floral carving on the top rail. If you know what they are called, please tell me--I'd love to know! Thanks for showing all your great finds--love them!

  14. I love the change in the new bench! It looks fantastic.


  15. I really enjoy your makeovers Sarah. Your bench turned out perfect and the material you chose is great. I think you have just enough touches of patriotic in your home to make things look nice. I think I am going to seriously have to check into purchasing a shaker peg rack and candle ledge like you have. I have seen so many of them around and I just love them.
    Can't wait to see more of your makeovers.

  16. Your bench makeover turned out great! I love seeing pictures of your home.

  17. hello Sarah, everything looks so nice. I love the bench seat, my mother has one and you have tempted me to go and "borrow" it from her. LOL and the blocks Kindra made are super cute. I may have to head over to her blog and ask her to make me some.

    Blessings, Sonya

  18. I love seeing your home. I'll have to see it in person sometime. LOL Since we're basically next door. Or maybe I'll have my hubby just go inside, he sees you more than I do. :) Can't get enough of your makeovers!

  19. Loving your latest makeovers and prim eye candy as always, Sarah! You do a terrific job with everything and you sure do look ready for summertime...

  20. I love Kindra's blocks she always does such a great job. I love all the flags tucked here and there. Everything looks great Sarah.


  21. Hi Sarah....Your bench makeover is the vintage material you used for the seat....You home is gorgeous as usual...Have a great day...Trena

  22. Hi Sarah,

    I always love looking at your makeovers, and pics of your beautiful home.
    You have such a great decorating style, and balance everything perfectly.
    Kindra's blocks are beautiful, and I love the way you've displayed the rack & candle ledge. ;)

    Prim Blessings,

  23. Hi Sarah,

    Your chair makeover is fantastic! It looks great in your bedroom! I do love all of Palmer Falls Primitives too!

    I love the colors on the walls at your house. I crave color on a looks so rich. It's nice to see someone else still love all the Americana all year round too!

    Gosh, I just love everything over here! :)

    Have a great day!

  24. Everything is beautiful, Sarah! It always is!
    I love your peg rack candle keep!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  25. LOVE LOVE your header photo! ;)

  26. I love that chair makeover! What a neat piece.
    You do a great job at putting things together!


  27. What a great make over and tweaking job.
    I so love your home.
    The peg rack and candle holder is awesome!
    Gotta get me one of those!
    Have a great week!


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