Monday, October 3, 2011

:: Paul Revere Punched Tin Simmerblend Warmers at Village Candle ::

Good Monday morning everyone! It’s October 3rd already, I have a feeling that this month is going to fly by! But for now, I am going to enjoy every minute of the leaves changing & all of the other beautiful sights, sounds & smells of Fall while I can. We are supposed to have gorgeous weather this week!

As most of you know I burn candles all year long, but Fall is when I really love to have those warm, cozy, comforting scents aglow in our home. Whether it is a lit candle or a Tart /Simmerblend melting in a warmer. It is all about making a house a home. Making it welcoming & cozy.

I wanted to let you know that Village Candle sells Paul Revere Simmerblend warmers/punch tin lights. I have a few of these in our home. The light & the glow that they give off is wonderful. Especially with the punched tin design, the light just dances on the wall in a beautiful pattern.

Here are just a few of the ones that they sell on their website ::

**All of the following photos are courtesy of Village Candle**

Brown Punched Tin Star Warmer ::

Paul Revere Punch Tin Star

Pinwheel Punched Tin Warmer ::

Paul Revere Punch Tin Simmerblend

Rooster Punched Tin Warmer :: Look at the beautiful light on the wall ::

Paul Revere Punch Tin Rooster

Punched Tin School House Warmer ::

Paul Revere Punch Tin School House

Punched Tin Copper Star Night Light  ::

Paul Revere Night Light 

You can see these punched tin designs & more on Village Candle’s accessories page on their website HERE. They also sell replacement bulbs! These Paul Revere lights/warmers add instant warmth to your home anytime of the year.

Click HERE to see the variety of Simmerblends that they offer to put into your warmers!  Lots of yummy choices for Autumn! 

Have fun shopping! I hope you will give these warmers a try! I know I love mine!

I’d better get busy for the day! More Fall salt dough on my “to do” list!! Have marvelous Monday everyone!

Until next time, take care.



  1. Sarah, thanks so much for sharing ! I am a huge Village candle fan but never thought of looking online for them because up until recently they were available locally :0( I m off to check these out ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. Oh I love these. They would go perfectly with my decor.


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