Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Weekend & My Find Of The Day!

I wanted to wish everyone a very safe Memorial weekend. We are planning on grilling out, hanging out, just spending time together! The two little boys are running through the sprinkler as I type! I am heading out to join everyone soon! Ahhhh….the sounds of Summer! Children’s laughter, lawn mowers, dogs barking. The neighborhood has suddenly come alive and I LOVE it!

Here is my find of the day! I got this rocking chair at a garage sale for $5.00! I just love it. But the question is…to paint or not to paint?? The original red paint has some charm to it, but I can still visualize it made over. What do you all think, I would love your feedback!

Garage Sale Chair 001

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and keep those who have so bravely served our Country past and present in your thoughts and prayers.

Land Of The Free

Until next time, take care.



  1. In my opinion -- I say no to paint. Love it!

  2. Sarah.. you really got one fantastic deal on your rocking chair! I think if it were mine that I would paint it black... and then maybe add a colorful patterned seat cushion...

    I am hoping to go to some garage sales tomorrow.. Sure would be nice to find some great buys such as you did!

    Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!


  3. Sarah~

    I love you new rocker! What a find! I say leave it the way it us. It looks wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. what a cute rocker! i think a new paint job in an antique red would be just the thing.

  5. No paint... if I had it, I would sand it a little, stain it and put on a coat of lacquer. That would protect from lead paint but leaves the original design in tact.

  6. I love the chair just the way it is :)
    ... have a wonderful weekend, Sarah!

  7. so so jealous :)
    you could always keep it the way it is and put a cute prim chair pad in the seat until you decided to paint or not

  8. I love the chair as is, so perfectly prim. Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

  9. Like it the way it is...nice find!

  10. Leave the red it is very cute!

  11. I could just see one of my primitive dolls in your little just the way it is. You could always do a makeover later but I love it the way it is.

  12. I love the rocker the way that it is...But I also could see black paint put over the red and wipe most of it off to change it up a bit...Nice either way but a great find..


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